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Product Launch on Amazon

As a seller, you’ll publish your product listing on Amazon and wish it to instantly drive sales. When you first launch your product on Amazon, you will have no reviews of the product, no sales history and a low product rank. A successful launch strategy will bring your stagnant product, which could be on page 15, all the way up to the first few pages. Being ranked higher in Amazon brings you to the top pages in the Amazon search results; a milestone that every seller aims for.

We at Winalll have proven expertise to implement a step by step process to a successful product launch on Amazon.

Day-to-Day account management

For you Day-To-Day account handling on Amazon, our approach with all our clients is to serve as a direct extension of your team that comes with deep Amazon expertise. Our typical engagement involves us working closely with your sales, marketing, fulfillment operations, product management, and customer service teams.

We are aggressive with New Item Setup and Optimization, Relationship Management, Vendor Central, Vendor Central Express, Seller Central, Sales and Metric Reporting, Profitability Issues, Andon Cords and Other Issues.

Strategic analysis

Maintaining an online business requires wearing a variety of hats at all times, from inventory and marketing to shipments, customer service and Brand Protection.

With Strategic Insight and Counsel we help you develop strategies for your brand on Amazon that influence both your online and offline sales, Contract and Program Negotiation helps you negotiate a fair program with Amazon, protecting your Brand with millions on sellers on Amazon and Transitioning from Seller Central (3P) to Vendor Central (Retail) and vice versa.

Marketing and Sales

Amazon’s marketplace is just as lucrative as it is crowded. To profit as a seller, you have to stand out against millions of merchants. The key to reaching Amazon shoppers is maximizing your listings’ visibility. There are so many products on the marketplace, and buyers don’t have the time or patience to sift through every single one. Make it easy for buyers to find your products and you’re on track to win greater sales.

We at Winalll help you with Retail Merchandising Campaigns, Price Driven Promotions and Deals, Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and Amazon Advertising.

Content Management

Selling on Amazon is a totally different world than direct-to-consumer ecommerce on your own branded platform. We can help your create content that helps you stand out and be successful on the leading ecommerce marketplace.

Our proven expertise helps in optimizing Product Images, creating A+ content, handling product reviews with Vine and appealing Brand Pages.

Operations and Logistics

Amazon didn’t get to where it is today resting on its laurels. Amazon understands the value and importance of innovation, and it’s size and service portfolio variety means that it looks at problems differently than other large companies. This continious change on Amazon Operations and Logistics is a challege to keep in rhythm with.

Our experts help you navigate Inventory Management and Planning, complicated Chargebacks, New Retail Initiatives, Launchpad - store-within-a-store , Amazon Business for B2B commerce, Amazon Fresh, Prime Pantry and Prime Now.

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