Exploit LinkedIn Ads to your Advantage!!!

Exploit LinkedIn Ads to your Advantage!!!

by Shaleen - VP of Product Strategy, Marketing and Sales

Posted on July 08, 2020 at 12:00 PM

You might have used LinkedIn Ads, but did you EXPLOIT them to you advantage well enough?? This article tells you all about LinkedIn Ads and how to best use them.

Why use LinkedIn Ads?

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored content on Linkedin can be of 5 types:

  • Promoted Content on LinkedIn Feeds
  • Dynamic ads
  • Message Ads and Conversation Ads
  • Text Ads
  • LinkedIn Elevate

The formats and their implementation is simple and effective.

LinkedIn Ad Types

Ads via LinkedIn feeds

Ads on LinkedIn Feeds can be of 3 types:

All of these can be used to create brand awareness, generate leads and nurture realtionship at every stage of sales cycle, both on mobile as well as desktop.

What adds icing to the cake is that you can be very specific in your targeting crieteria by using LinkedIn Audience Network.

Dynamic Ads

If you want to connect with your prospects prominently and in a personal manner then Dynamic Ads are for you. It has Convenience of using a template to creat the ad as it automatically. This option is for viewers on Desktop. They are ideal for:

Use Campaign Manager measure your spending success and also optimize your campaigns with different options such as background image, logos, images etc. Install insight tag on you website and use LinkedIn Conversion Tracking to get your conversion data.

Message Ads and Conversation Ads

Both of them are essentially the same thing. These help you:

Over and above you have the assistance of the Campaign Manager and LinkedIn Audience Network.

Text Ads

LinkedIn Text Ads

Text Ads are plain and simple ad format with the advantage of Pay Per Click or Cost per Impression pricing.

LinkedIn Elevate

This is an employee engagement model. At times audience feel happy to read content from the employess rather than company posts which they perceive as a sales push. Company shares curated content with the employees. Employees share the content with their network there by maximizing the reach of the content. All this activity is monitored at the backend, giving important metrices about which content the employees like and which content resonates well with the audience.

The companies have the power to optimize and tweak the program at every stage for maximum output.

Best Practices

Listed below are some of the best practices for all the ad types discussed above:

  • Target aggressively - Create different campaigns for each persona. Make your ads personal, impressive and engaging.
  • Have aggressive maximum Bid
  • Use strong call to action (CTA) - “Register Now!” or “Sign-up Today!” are good examples
  • Create multiple ad formats for each campaign - Keep on eliminating the low performers
  • Keep Experimenting - Play with targeting, bid values and ad variation for best results


Linkedin Ads are the best way to reach out to prospects in B2B segment. Hands Down..

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