All about Amamzon Brand Registry Program explained!!!

Amamzon Brand Registry Program

by Shaleen - VP of Product Strategy, Marketing and Sales

Posted on July 19, 2020 at 12:00 PM

More than 100,000 Brands worldwide are registered on Amazon and they all share a common challenge of maintaining their values, perception and credibility in the eyes of the buyers. Amazon is committed towards helping them in this regard with their Amazon Brand Registry Program.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry Program

  • Amazon Brand Registry Program gives you control over Amazon product detail pages that has your brand name. Buyers get to see the correct information associated with your brand and products
  • There are horde of sellers on Amamzon Platform and numerous getting enrolled on a daily basis. With so many sellers Possible infringement scenarios might be:
  • Amazon Brand Registry Program has search tools that help you identify potential infringement scenarios. There are three kinds of search features:
  • Amazon Brand Registry reporting tool:
  • Amazon team investigates and takes action on more than 95% of all infringement situations within eight hours of report submission and takes appropriate action.
  • Amazon AI uses predictive protections to identify and remove product listings with potential infringement.
  • Being enrolled for Brand Registry and sell on you become entitled to participate in Amazon Live Creator. This helps your brand connect with your audience through amazon website and apps through a livestream.

Basics of registering your Brand with Amazon

  • The is free to join.
  • You are eligible for if you have an active registered trademark.
  • Amazon accepts trademarks issued by government trademark offices in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, France, Italy, Spain and the European Union.
  • Some brands have registered their trademark with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Still you should submit the number registered with each country’s IPO office.
  • You can enrol for each country where your brand has an active registered trademark. You can enrol for each of the product categories for which your brand is actively registered.
  • The trademark for the brand must be in the form of a text-based or image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers.
    Trademarks that Amazon currently accepts
  • If you are eligible for Amazon Brand Registry Program, you can sign into your Vendor Central/Seller Central account and then proceed to enrol yourself
  • Once enrolled Amazon will do background check and If verified, you will receive an Amazon Brand Registry verification code. You will then need to send this back to Amazon to complete the enrolment process.
  • Additionally, Amazon has a program called “Transparency”, which has an item level item-level tracing service that prevents counterfeits from reaching customers. Brands assign an alphanumeric code to each product unit that they which are scanned and authenticated by Amazon at its fulfilment centers.

To sign up for Amazon Brand Registry, click this link.


Amazon can be one of the most improtant platform to reach out to your customers and express yourself as a brand to them.. Use this guide to safeguard your brand against infringement by rogue sellers. Happy Shopping !!